Training Tips


Listed below are some good dog training tips for you. Training you to train your dog.

TIPS for training

Some of the best and most successfully used dog training practices are:  

Voice signals – The easiest way to teach a puppy is by using your voice. Always use a calm, but firm tone with clear instructions on what you expect. Example: Sit! Then reward him when he gets it right. 

Hand cues – Your puppy or dog will need to have a good understanding of voice commands before introducing hand cues. These types of commands are best for distance training and are often used in agility training. 

Clicker training – You can train your puppy to follow your instructions using a clicker. The sound is also distracting and will make him pay attention immediately. Clicker noise should be associated with a specific action, like learning to not jump up on you or other people. Reward him for getting it right. 

Game playing – Creating a game around training a puppy or dog could be fun for both of you. You can apply this technique to any object play, such as throwing a toy. When your puppy or dog returns it to you, reward him with a treat.