Training Tips


Listed below are some good dog training tips for you. Training you to train your dog.

Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump Up on People


Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump Up on People
Read this lesson first, and then practice it with your dog.
For Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump on Visitors:

1. Load up your pocket (or a bag or pouch) with treats.

2. Take your dog near the door where you and your visitors most often come into the
house. (You and your dog will be inside the house.)

3. Ask your helper to come through the door and, as soon as your dog gets within a few
feet, have your helper ask your dog to sit in a low, calm voice.

4. If your dog sits, immediately praise him and give him a treat. (Your helper makes the
request, but you provide the reward for correct behavior.)

5. Repeat this exercise five times.