Training Tips


Listed below are some good dog training tips for you. Training you to train your dog.

Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

Teaching Your Dog to Come when Called
Read this lesson first, and then practice it with your dog.

1. Load up your pocket (or a bag or pouch) with treats. You’ll need more than usual for
this lesson.

2. Take your dog to an area where there won’t be a lot of distractions.

3. Move about 10 feet away from your dog as he’s not paying attention to you.

4. Enthusiastically call out your dog’s name, followed by the come command: “Come!
Come! Come!” Do this while turning sideways (don’t turn your back, you need to watch
him closely), and start clapping as you begin to run away from your dog.

4. As soon as he moves in your direction, call out your praise (“Good!”) and keep going.

5. Slow down and let your dog catch up to you; then stop and immediately give him a
handful of treats and lots of enthusiastic praise—like coming to you was the best thing
in the world!
Important: This method reinforces your dog’s actions twice—first for diverting his
attention from whatever he’s doing (Step 4), and second when he reaches you (Step 5).
Step 4 is just as important as Step 5. Be very good and consistent about praising your
dog the instant he turns his attention to you. Considering how many smelly distractions
there are in your dog’s world, getting him to stop whatever he’s doing and look at you
really is quite amazing, and you need to show your appreciation. Give your praise
(“Good!”) immediately when he looks at you and starts to move in your direction. And be
sure that with Step 5, you give the treat immediately when he reaches you. Do NOT
wait because he may sit down. If you give him the treat after he sits, he’ll think sitting
was the action that’s being rewarded, not coming to you.

6. Walk about ten steps away from your dog and wait for him to look away from you.

7. Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5.

8. Repeat this process three times.