Life Coach

In House PDTOA Life Coach available for our members!

The objectives For Life Coaching: Enhance the leadership with a dog, your business and with the people around you; because the relationship and leadership that you have with a dog is a pure reflection of your leadership with others and lifestyle.
Create massive life and well-being improvements for you and the dog Use your business to make meaningful changes in your life that affect everyone’s well-being, harmony, and happiness Learn from the your business, learn more about dogs and transform that knowledge and your wisdom into beautiful life enhancements Expand your knowledge and life to create a harmonious relationship with a dog. 

What you can expect: Major upgrades in your life. Problems that used to be pretty big may not appear big anymore or appear all together. Goals you set a long time ago finally become reality. You will feel better, you will think better, you will act better. And from a dog’s perspective. You will experience a better work ethic & bond with your clients and their dog. An annoying behavior of the dog may disappear and you will enjoy an enriched relationship. 

A better understanding of a dog and why he does what he does. A stronger connection to yourself, the dog, and people in your life Well, you can talk to us about anything at any time.