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Lets make good dogs together with our A+ Rated Training system.  Train with DR. Lee Wastler PDTOA- KVA - CBT

Professional Dog Trainers Of America 

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Our Best Dog Training Classes At Our Roaring Spring, PA Location.

$50 Per Hour

If you want to work on any one issue that your dog needs worked on. Walk In's Welcome

$140 For 3 Hours

Private Lesson (3 lesson pack) $140 This package is 1 lesson every per week for 3-weeks and is customizable, with training plans built by you and your Trainer. Each session is designed to meet the needs of your pet and can vary from teaching basic cues to addressing unwanted behaviors, Book Today!

$280 For 6 Hours

Private Lesson or Class. Perfect Pet Award (6-week program designed to help your dog be the best cove resident!) The steps to be the perfect pet program is a start to finish program where the first step in the training process ties in with the last step. It is a fluid 6-week course that trains you and your dog from basic commands to higher level cues. Designed around canine behavior, canine communication with all the commands of obedience. This package will make your pet the prefect pet! 1-lesson per week. Book your classes today.

The Perfect Pet Award

$280 6 weeks
The Steps of the Perfect Pet Award 
 Day 1. Sit Sit Look at me Sit look at me No distractions / Socialization Stay 
 Day 2. Recall Recall & sit by my side Waiting at the door 
 Day 3. Leash walking Walking / walking beside me Walking / Sit on command beside me 
 Day 4. Socialization and distractions 
 Day 5. Working on what is needed or putting everything together that was learned 
 Day 6. The Test.  

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Good training requires paying attention to four simple rules, otherwise known as the four D's of dog training: distance, distraction, duration and difficulty.

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