How to train an aggressive dog

How to train an aggressive dog

Step 1: Learning how to train an aggressive dog begins with understanding their triggers.

Aggression is an emotional reaction to something in their bodies or environment, whether it’s pain, fear, or even canine boredom. You may need to take some time to watch your pet and their interactions, but trust us — it will help!

Step 2: Dr. Sackman recommends a 3-part approach to treating aggression in dogs, beginning with changing your pet’s exposure to their trigger. This step will take time--but while you work on actually desensitizing your dog to their trigger, you can also make an effort to avoid it when possible. Less stress is best!

Step 3: Since running into their trigger is inevitable, you can begin helping your dog make positive associations with it by rewarding them for acting calmly when in its presence. Over time, this can change how your pup feels about their trigger, possibly eradicating the issue altogether.

Though training can be a great way to change a dog’s aggressive behavior, Dr. Sackman acknowledges that many pets benefit from medication as well. If you think your fur baby may fall into this category, it never hurts to ask your veterinarian for their opinion. They may have other ideas to help your pup react calmly, so don’t wait around!

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