How do I discipline an aggressive dog?

How do I discipline an aggressive dog?

When you witness your pet being unmannerly, there are a number of strategies you can take to reduce the chance of this behavior repeating itself. These are technically forms of punishment since you’re aiming to discourage a behavior, though the word “punishment” may sound a bit harsher than these redirective strategies actually are.

Step 1: Throughout this process--and for their whole lives--you should ensure that your dog has access to chew toys, space to run, and other tools to help release pent-up energy. That alone can make a difference for your pup.

Step 2:  Remind pet parents that corrections must be given as soon as the unwanted behavior occurs. If not, your dog may not understand what you’re reacting to.

Step 3: To interrupt an aggressive behavior, you can try a number of tools including sound (a simple 'no' can go a long way) or redirection.

Be very careful not to make your pet feel frightened in any way, as this can manifest as further aggression or even a fear of their owner, according to Horwitz and Landsberg. This veterinary team also reminds readers that discipline may discourage the behavior from repeating, but it does not replace training, which can eradicate the behavior.

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