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Lets make good dogs together with our A+ Rated Training system. Or, Start your exciting new career as a Trainer today! By 2BK9 LLC

Welcome to the Professional Dog Trainers of America!

PDTOA Dog Training School has a long tradition of professional excellence provided in a safe, caring, fun environment. Our student body is comprised of people of all ages who love working with dogs and their clients. PDTOA Academy as well as students take pride in our family & dog community.

 Our students have many opportunities to shine. We have high academic standards and provide the support necessary to meet and exceed those standards. 

With our strong focus on professionalism and care, our students learn the importance of service. Our goal is to build in our students a strong foundation that will support their careers throughout their lives. We measure our success in different ways. Our students perform well on standardized and criteria based tests. They are involved in many hours of service to themselves, dogs and others. 

From all indications, our students are well prepared mentality, professionally, socially, emotionally and physically when they leave PDTOA Academy. Our graduates are now accredited professional dog trainers of America.
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Professional Dog Trainers Of America Academy

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Membership Accreditation

To get Accredited through us. Please submit book an appointment with us for a video meeting with you and your dog for an assessment. We require at least 3 different commands to be passed. Commands are random. Our Instructor will tell you what to do at the time of your appointment. You will need a dog with you. The date and time will be your assessment. Have your dog ready. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Payment due at time of booking. Money back guarantee.

Dog Training Classes

Coming Soon to Roaring Spring Pennsylvania. Our in house dog trainers 2BK9 LLC will be holding private dog training classes. We offer obedience training, Behavior and some service dog training. We are working on the class room now. So keep watch! We'll be open soon!

Professional Dog Trainer

Start your exciting new career today as a Professional Dog Trainer with our online course. You must pass your final assessment at a 70% or higher. Accreditation $100 per year.


John Doe - PDTOA-KA


Doctorate of Canine Behavior

We offer a Doctorate Class in Canine Behavior. 400 hours of in class training. Contact us for openings in the Roaring Spring Pa area Classroom. Learn how to deal with canine behavior. The good and the bad. 

Lifetime Accredited 

Dr. John Doe - PDTOA-DR-KVA

Total Cost. $5000.00


We are now buying a NEW Classroom in Roaring Spring Pennsylvania! We should be in it and open at the end of September 2022

Good training requires paying attention to four simple rules, otherwise known as the four D's of dog training: distance, distraction, duration and difficulty.

Talk to a trainer.

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Our In House Trainers

2BK9 LLC is our official in house trainers. 

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"I am really satisfied with my 2bk9s Training. I would gladly pay more for 2bk9s Training. I'll be back." 

– Jane P.
"PDTOA has completely surpassed our expectations. I could probably go into sales for you." 

– Barris M
"Your company is truly upstanding and is totally behind their training 100%." 

– Tommy H